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Download the highest rated travel app with thousands of people finding hotel & home reservation deals. Find a stay for any trip, holiday or weekend getaway anywhere in the world!

The best thing about the Booking.com app? Instant confirmation, paperless check-in and offline maps, every time you book.

Search for hotels

- With 1Million+ hotels, apartments and more – we’ve got it all

- Looking for a last-minute hotel reservation? Book most without a credit card!

- Search by city, landmark, hotel name or properties close by in one tap

- Filter by WiFi, price, review score and other things important to you

Get a great deal

- Browse 107 Million+ verified guest reviews to help you pick your perfect stay

- Location location location! View maps to make sure your hotel is where you want to be

- Save your favourite properties to a list and share with friends and family

- Find great deals at all kinds of amazing properties (not just cheap hotels!)

Book it!

- Sign in to your account and we’ll auto-fill your details for faster booking

Make changes, at any time

- Get paperless confirmation and offline maps with the app! No printer, data or wifi needed

- Add hotel bookings to your calendar for multi-leg trips

- Make changes to your bookings online with the app

- Access 24/7 customer service by phone or email, available in English and up to 40 other languages.

Already use Booking.com?

- After getting the app, sign in to your Booking.com and pick up where you left off – we sync your bookings, searches and lists to the app

-No account? No problem, you can still sync your booking with the app. Go to the account area and use the Booking Number and PIN from your confirmation

Download the Booking.com App now!

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Get to know Booking.com and our App: http://www.booking.com/apps.en.html

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